Sam DeRose  |  Freelance Mechanical Engineer

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Personal Projects

Many of my personal projects can be found on my Instructables page, which collectively have 5 million views. Articles

I've also contributed several projects and articles to 

Projects for Other Machine Company 

I worked for OMC during the summer in 2014, and my job was to use their first product, the Othermill, in new and creative ways to showcase its capabilities. Here are some of the projects I created: 

Maker Faire Exhibits

For 8 years (2008-2015) my family contributed a project to the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo. Many of these projects were featured in publications such as Make Magazine, Wired, and Popular Mechanics. 

School Projects

Here are some projects from the hands-on engineering courses I've taken at Harvey Mudd.

Test Rig for Drogue Parachute Deployment System

"iCook": Internet-connected Cooking Assistant 

 (Demo Video) 

Rocket with Custom Data-Logging Payload